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What’s in your Make-up Bag ?

2 hour workshop 

The concept:

I have bought makeup that I have never used. If you are a woman, so have you.
Maybe the colour isn't what you expected or it has an unusual texture; perhaps it's impossible to figure out how it works.
Whatever the reason, bring three such items to the workshop and we will help you unleash their potential.

Eleven is a Crowd

We limit workshops to 10 ladies at a time.
This allows us to examine each product and give you the best tips and tricks that will turn it into some of your favourite makeup tools.

Makeup Central

Around the coffee table or the dining table, at home or at work - anywhere convenient is makeup central. We come to you.

Girl Power

Few things bring women together as quickly and as intimately as makeup.
The workshop is more than just about discovering makeup, though - it's about discovering the women who are an integral part of your life in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to strengthen the unique bonds only women share.